Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist
Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Psychotherapy;
Coordinator of the Moscow Center of Positive Psychotherapy.
• 19 years of clinical experience
• 17 years experience of corporate trainings in Russia, Germany, Latvia, Romania, GB, Lithuania, USA, Turkey, China.
• 14 years experience of coaching for top managers
• 10 years experience of counseling for business
• 5 years experience as in-house corporate councilor and coach


You can now learn to surf your stress in iBooks,

Stress-surfing became a recognized training model for the corporate world used in leading companies:
British American Tobacco, Jonson&Jonson, DuPont, Audi, Novartis, Procter & Gamble, BP Russia, Alfa Laval, Celgene, Eaton, Storm International, Renaissance Group, Air Products, Independent Media, Penny Lane Realty, Finexpertiza, OXS, Delcredere, Russia Consulting, Optic CIty, Planet Fitness, German Dental Care, НЛМК, GazProm Neft, Simens, Skolkovo.


Stress Surfing appeal to active people interested to understand their own emotions, thoughts and stress and to use it for own benefit and pleasure.
The business audience would love to use stress for improvement of their soft skills (motivation, communication, time management, negotiation, conflict management etc.)
Everyone who ever entered any relationship knows – it is stressful. For those this book will become the source of inspiration and ideas to surf their stressful moments.
Medical practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, HRs, coaches and educators will have a chance to understand the stress better and find a solid tool-kit to deal with it in their professional field as well as in personal life.
And, for sure surfers in all continents would like the idea of using their experience to deal with daily life and crises.

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