• Dr. Ivan Kirillov, MD, PhD, is an internationally recognized psychotherapist. For over 19 years, he has helped people to cope with crises, find balance and to enjoy life. The combination of a successful psychotherapy practice with experience of effective group training and individual coaching for executives created the ground for the concept of Stress-Surfing (1999).
    Dr. Kirillov changed the conventional paradigm of stress so that now you can turn it into a great source of energy and information to develop and improve the quality of your life.
    Patients and clients, colleagues and students in Europe, Asia and North America appreciate the professionalism and style of Dr. Kirillov, combining sparkling charisma with the meticulousness of a hereditary scientist and pragmatic

    «Stress has always been a subject of my interest. Perhaps because my father, Oleg Kirillov, devoted all his life to study the physiology of this amazing phenomenon.
    «And Surfing... It was my passion since childhood. I made my fist board when I was 10. It was not a masterpiece as you can guess. But it did surf. And that was a best feeling ever! I still have it in my heart.
    «So, stress-surfing is a very personal idea for me.
    «I hope that it will thrill you so much that your life will turn into a venturesome chase after the waves of your life.
    Sincerely yours
    Ivan Kirillov

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